About me

My name is Linda  and I live in a beautiful part of Surrey, close to all the bustle of The Big City, but tucked away in a quiet corner. I live in an 18th century cottage, with my husband and our lovely pussycat, Poppy.  We are lucky to have a large garden, backing on to woodland.  I grow vegetables, keep chickens and make bramble jelly from the blackberries that threaten to take over, around the edges of the garden.

For many years, I worked in an office job, but it was never really what I wanted to do. I relieved the boredom by running a knitwear business in the evenings, designing and making children’s jumpers and selling them at craft fairs. 

Then I decided to follow my dreams and worked part-time while retraining to be a garden designer.  I currently run my own business, www.greengardendesign.co.uk, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.  It’s scary not having a guaranteed pay packet at the end of the month but days outside in the sun and the rain make up for it.

I knit wherever and whenever I can around all of that, and my head is stuffed full of ideas of what to do next – never enough hours!

3 Responses to About me

  1. Hi Linda, just to say, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can read more about it here, should you wish to (don’t feel pressured!) :

    Claire x

    • madebyewe says:

      Hi Claire, that’s very kind of you thank you very much. I enjoyed reading your 7 random facts – I shall think of you now as the Sheep Dog Lady! I will have to start putting together my ‘acceptance speech’! Thanks again,
      Linda x

      • You’re very welcome! No obligation to accept though if you don’t want to but just seems like a nice way to share & meet new people on the internet x I quite like the reference to ‘the sheepdog lady’! I’ve put a little link to your Knit Your Own Bunny kit on my Easter blog post : it’s so sweet!

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