So, lovely blog readers, I have a question for you today. Have any of you experience of setting up and running a website for your crafty businesses?

I have my etsy shop site already but I have been thinking of setting up a website just for Made By Ewe.  I’ve been looking at various free ones and some paid for ones, but I wondered what you all do and what experiences you have?  Comments greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, the sheep made the most of the good weather down South last week and went out for the day.  Here they are eyeing up some fresh new grass.

But even though the grass may be greener the other side of the fence, there may be unseen dangers – watch out for those giant chickens!

british sheep

Phew, it’s alright – they are going away now.

bluebell hen

It was so hot that they had to take their fleeces off for a while and run and play with the sun on their woolly backs.


Of course, when it was time to go home, there was some confusion.  Just whose fleece belongs to who?

herdwick sheep

Hope you all had a good week too! Check out what other crafty peeps have been up to over at Handmade Harbour.


About madebyewe

Hello, and welcome to my blog, where I talk about the ups and downs of running a crafty business, knitting and life. I learnt to knit when I was a child in the 1970s. I think my Mum taught me, though it may have been one of my Nans. Both Nans were great crafters and my Mum knitted, when she had time. My childhood was full of wearing Mum's warm and cosy handknit jumpers to school and playing with yarn by the fire, making presents for my family and clothes for my toys. When I grew up, I started a business designing children's handknitted jumpers. Now I spend some of my time desgining gardens, as well as designing knitting. The garden design business is well established; the knitting design business is just starting out. I love the rhythmic quality of knitting, the feel of woolly yarn in my hands and the way a project grows beneath my fingers. It is relaxing and productive at the same time. I especially love vintage knitted toys and the quirky simplicity of the patterns. They were often made in times of austerity, when money and supplies were short, but the desire to create something fun inspite of this, shines through. I am a supporter of the Campaign for Wool, supporting the British wool industry, and using British yarn for my kits. Where would we be without fields of fluffy sheep to admire? Baa Humbug to acrylic!
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27 Responses to Websites

  1. What lovely cute sheep! Websites: I used & recommend them for superb customer support (UK-based, available 24/7, always there even on a bank hol, always quick to respond, even did stuff for me when I didn’t understand). I hear lots of good stuff about Create too. Apparently is a good way to run a website too (you can combine blog/website together) but you may need some help doing it that way. Good luck! x

  2. Claire Hoey says:

    Oh Linda how funny are your sheep?? They certainly know how to enjoy themselves! Maybe you could consider sewing name labels inside their fleeces for ease of identifying whose is whose – I find that works wonders with small children. I was so relieved that they escaped the ENORMOUS chickens how scary. Claire x

  3. I am in the process of setting up my website (have been for simply ages) and I am using Vistaprint. It works for me, but I appreciate it may not be what everyone is looking for. One reason I went with them was that it seems very straight-forward and so easy to coordinate my business cards, paper work, leaflets etc to match my website. Your sheep are lovely and certainly need their fleeces at the moment. Hope you have a good week.

    Christmas Pie Crafts

  4. I love the way they can loose their coats, just like real sheep. I wonder what the chickens would have made of them. WordPress is quite good with the blog bit so maybe would be helpful with a website? Good luck anyway.

  5. Ginny Sturdy says:

    I do like your sheep, and the way you photograph them.

    • madebyewe says:

      thanks, what I didn’t mention is that I got covered in ants crawling around on the grass to get a good anlge! All in the name of art I guess.

  6. fatmonica says:

    I love those sheep,they’re so cool!Can’t help with the website but wish you good luck!

  7. Caroline says:

    Your sheep and their tales are so funny you could write a book.
    I have my own website and love it, bought the software online and host with Easily, who also do very good templates etc. If you are unsure of setting up a site best to use a pre-formatted one, so many on the market but you need to check they do what you want them to do. So make a list and ask the sellers the questions. Know a lot o crafters use Create.

  8. nicki says:

    love how you can change the coats, great idea

  9. Martha says:

    a ha ha ha ha! what a great sheep trio! and those giant chickens! Ah shoooo chickens! leave the sheep alone!
    they are gorgeous 🙂 i smiled when i saw them, ive just been knitting a ball using some grey wool so in the shetland mood now 🙂

  10. Love the sheep! Sorry don’t know much about websites though!

  11. Jenny says:

    I love your sheep – they all seem to have their own personalities 🙂 Regarding websites, I moved onto this year and so far it’s been great. It’s easy to use and has a really active & helpful forum – lots of crafty peeps to help when you’re stuck, as well as the geeky techie guys too. I would def recommend them. x

  12. Handbagsbyhelen says:

    I’m going through the same as you and am thinking about my ownwebsite. I’ve had a logo designed and have signed up to Create.

  13. t1ckledp1nk says:

    I love how I actually believe that your sheep live in the field with your chickens!! Made me chuckle so much! We have our own website, but my business partner runs it so I have no idea, sorry. xx

  14. Lisa says:

    Cant help with the website but how i love your photos. Highlight of my week! x

  15. Love the photo’s, the sheep certainly look like they are enjoying the freedom.
    I don’t have a website yet but it looks like Create is doing well. I’d have a look at some of the web shops and see how it looks and how easy it is to navigate as a customer.

    Jan x

  16. freespiritdesigns says:

    ha! love your sheep with their detachable fleeces – such a fun idea, they are adorable 🙂

    i’m in the process of creating a new website with weebly – they seem good so far and its free (my favourite price!) although you can upgrade for more features – hope this helps!

  17. I love the sheep – and your story board of photos! Anything made of British wool is good news, I think! Happy knitting x

  18. KnitWit says:

    I love those little sheep! I’m just browsing through your blog and finding it all very inspirational. Keep up the good work and good luck with your venture!

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