VW Camper Cushion

I’ve been having fun recently knitting up one of these new VW Campervan cushions for the Made By Ewe shop in Broadwindsor.IMG_9098

It is a Wendy pattern, knitted in Serenity Super Chunky yarn.  The yarn is a blend of alpaca, wool and acrylic, which makes it lovely and soft and light.  As it is super chunky weight, it is knitted on big 9mm needles; it is like knitting with   rope!  IMG_9100

The cushion grows really quickly and I had it finished in a week.

A perfect cushion for Summer picnics or a great present for VW fans.IMG_9099

I have a kit for the cushion in slate blue or orange and it  can be ordered from the shop.

Happy Camping!

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Broadwindsor Craft Fair

We are holding a Summer Craft Fair here at the Craft Centre on Saturday 19 July.

The Fair is from 11am – 4pm, and the stall holders will be selling lovely handmade crafts and local produce.

In addition, all the new craft studios will be open, so you can shop for handmade glass, vintage clothes and personalised gifts, painted furniture, fabric, handmade dresses and bags, gemstones and OF COURSE  Wool!

There is plenty of free parking and a coffee shop on site too.  The fair is the same day as another popular local event, the Stoke Abbot street fair, so why not make a day of it in the lovely Dorset countryside?

If you would like a pitch, the cost is just £10 for and 8′ pitch.  Telephone 01308 867504 to book.

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My favourite cardigan

Crowberry FrontI have the pattern for this lovely cardigan in the shop.  It is from Woolyknit and it is called Crowberry.

I really like the drapey shape and unfinished edges on the sleeves and the bottom edge.  There is also that gorgeous  cable decoration on the front.  I’d also like to have hair like the model, but that is not part of the pattern!

The main body is knitted from the top down, with an i -cord cast off.  The sleeves are knit in the round onto the body – so no seaming to do afterwards.

It is designed for DK yarn,  either supersoft BlueFaced Leicester or rustic Diggle DK, which has an interesting nep in the yarn.

diggle rust neppdiggle claret nep


I have some kits with the pattern and the yarn needed, at a discounted price at the moment.  There is also free postage for a limited period.  So why not treat yourself to a new project for the summer?

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Bluefaced Leicester yarn

The Bluefaced Leicester may not be the prettiest sheep, looking rather more noble than cute and cuddly. It gets its name from the blue skin under the white hair on that Roman nose.

However the yarn produced from the fleece is something special. Know as the cashmere of British yarn, the fibre is fine, silky and lustrous, and very soft.

Bluefaced Leicester wool - black and brown twist - Image 1Bluefaced Leicester - Mid brown natural twist - Image 1

The wool is comfortable enough to be worn next to the skin, but also hardwearing.  Erika Knight uses BFL for her British Blue wool ,which is perfect for baby knits.

French - Erika Knight British Blue Yarn (Navy) - Image 3

Natural White - Blue Faced Leicester DK Wool - Image 1


Natural White - Blue Faced Leicester DK Wool - Image 3

It is comfortable next to the skin, and of course lovely and soft to knit with.  One ball would be enough for a cosy liittle cowl, to keep out the blowy little wind that keeps whistling around the corner at the moment.

There is a range of natural and dyed colours , availabe in the Made by Ewe shop.

And now, back to the squishing…..

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Learn to Crochet

On 4 June there will be a Beginner’s Crochet Workshop here at Made By Ewe in Broadwindsor, Dorset.

Picture 037

We will cover the basic crochet techniques and stitches, and progress to making a cosy Cosy for a mobile phone, in British wool of course!

Picture 038

Yarn, a crochet hook and plenty of tea and homemade cake will be provided, and you can book from the website or by calling into the shop.

The course is from 5pm – 7.30pm and costs £25.  If you can’t make that date, one-to-one classes are available at other times.  Contact me for details.

Hope to see you there!



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British Aran yarn

New into the shop is this range of lovely British aran yarn.Picture 032

There are 8 colours, from bright cherry red to warm natural brown.Picture 034Picture 035

I use this yarn in the Barley tea cosy kit, and I can tell you that it is great to knit with, and makes a warm, cosy fabric.

tea cosy knitkit

I have also been crocheting with it, in preparation for a Beginner’s Learn to Crochet class, which I am holding next month.Picture 036

It is smooth and non-splitty and I think it will be easy for the students to work with.Picture 037

It is also great value at £2.95 for a 5og ball, all made in Britain from British wool.  Enough to warm the heart, as well as the tea!









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New Knitting shop is Open!

At last the new shop at Broadwindsor Craft Centre is now open, and busily selling wool, needles and knitting kits to real customers. (As opposed to online customers that is!)

Let me take you on a tour…..Picture 009Lots of lovely wool of course from Woolyknit, Jillybean, Rosies Moments and Eden Cottage.

Picture 006Handmade super duper knitting bags, with lots of space for needles, and they stand up on their own too.

Picture 007Lovely British yarn knitting kits.

Picture 010Oodles of beaded needles.

Picture 008Gorgeous handmade woolly goodies.

Picture 011And, oh yes, did I mention, lots of lovely wool!

All the goodies will be going on the website in due course, (when I have finsihed ooohing and aaahing and touching stuff) but if you see anything you like in the meantime, do let me know!

Visitors, especially blog readers, very welcome!  I am based at a lovely craft centre with a good coffee shop, open 11ish to 4ish every day except Wed and Thursday.


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Knitting Shop Stock

Lots of boxes are arriving now, with stock for the new knitting shop.  Here is today’s delivery – new yarn from Woolyknit.Picture 001

Lovely summery ice-cream colours in supersoft merino 4ply.Picture 002

A new delivery of British aran yarn – I think the purple is my favourite colour.Picture 005

And all these lovely patterns.  Picture 003

Hmm -I might have to knit myself this one.Picture 004

Unfortunately all those patterns have meant me spending the afternoon putting together another order for more yarn.  Hey ho – life is hard!!

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New Knitted Fox Knitting Kits

I’m pleased to share the new Fox knitting kits with you today.  There are 2 kits - 

Foxy Lady, in a sunshine yellow dress for the Springknitted fox

And Naughty Pirate Fox, who has taken a keen interest in my chickens.

Pirate fox



I’ve wanted to design a fox knitting kit for a while.  It took ages to figure out how to do the head.  The final version is at least version 6.  I thought I had it sorted at version 5, by which time I had worked out how to make the snout nice and pointy.  Then I decided Foxy just had to have a white chin, so version 6 was cast on.


It’s a bit of a fiddle, working with white and amber yarn to make the white chin, but it is only for a few rows.  You could just knit it all in amber, if you wanted.The Foxes are both knitted in lovely British wool, of course and are in the Made By Ewe shop now.

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New wool shop

Something rather wonderful and somewhat unexpected is happening here at Made By Ewe.

I seem to be in the throes of opening my very own wool shop!  It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t looked for, it has just kind of happened.

One day about a month ago, I went for a bike ride to a local craft centre, to meet Hubby for tea.  I got there early, and noticed a sign in the window advertising a craft unit available to let.  It’s the one on the end.shop end

With time to kill I made a casual enquiry, and it kind of snowballed from there.  I’m signed up for the unit and, as of mid April, I will be in situ, surrounded by yarn, knitting patterns, needles, kits and as much woolly goodness as I can cram into my 18′ by 12′ space.  It’s going to take some work!shop inside


Every knitter dreams of having their own wool shop, I think.  Last year I worked in a wool shop for a while part – time and played around with the idea of doing something myself.  But it didn’t happen – the time wasn’t right, but that experience is certainly turning out to be useful now!

I still can’t quite believe it is happening.  Writing about it on the blog makes it a little bit more real though. I will keep you all posted on progress.

shop   I’m having heaps of fun at the moment deciding what to stock – if you had a wool shop, what would you put in yours?

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